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For the 2024 - 2025 season, the Manitoba Curling Tour (MCT) has established a standardized set of rules for all MCT run events. All possibilities have been considered with an appreciation for what the players - and the curling clubs - need. As you know, many event details depend on the number of team entries, the number of sheets per curling club, the days/times available to play, etc.


Please note that specifics may change depending on the event. A confirmed set of rules for each bonspiel will be sent by email along with the official draw, so please refer to those first, as they will override anything written here.




  • All games are 8 ends with 1 Hour 50 min BELL.

  • NO TIME-OUTS. AVOID SLOW PLAY! In order to allow the ice crew sufficient time to prepare the ice surface between games and to allow for fair play, it is very important that all teams practice and play in an efficient manner. 

  • Once the bell rings teams are to complete the end in progress, plus one more. A reminder that once the final stone of the end crosses the first t-line that end is considered complete.

  • An extra end will be played if the game is tied after 8 ends.

  • The tick rule will be in effect for all MCT event games. Teams are encouraged to agree on stone placement on their own. If an agreement cannot be made between teams, an MCT or club representative (i.e. volunteer) will make an independent decision.


  • Practice will start 15 minutes before listed game times.

  • For regular game play (anything not including playoffs) teams are to flip a coin 20 minutes prior to game time. The winner of the coin toss will select order of practice OR stone color.

  • Practice will be 5 minutes OR 4 rocks there and 4 rocks back (whichever comes first). Please be respectful and use good time management for practice as this helps to keep the games going on time.

  • A Last Stone Draw (LSD) will determine hammer in the first end, with the cumulative totals being the only means of deciding a tiebreaker if needed.

  • 1st practice will throw the clockwise turn and 2nd practice will throw counter clockwise turn.

  • Teams must measure their own LSD and are responsible for marking their distance (in INCHES) on the scorecard provided by the MCT. If the LSD is not recorded, the throw will be given the max distance.

  • If there is a TIE situation after both practices are complete (eg. both teams cover the pin or both teams hog or go through the rings), only then will a second player from each team throw a second stone (no practice throws). The first practice team will throw first.

  • If after this there is still a tie situation, then the teams will flip for hammer and record their respective best LSD measurements.



  • The number of playoff teams / games will be determined on a per event basis as this depends on the number of entries and type of draw.

  • In each playoff game the higher seed will start with hammer OR choice of colour (teams with the same record will instead complete a last stone draw like in regular play).

  • Tiebreaker games will be determined on a per event basis.

For information regarding provincial berths or MCT points allocation please visit those specific pages.


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